The brand philosophy
Over the centuries, people have worn jewellery. Then a symbol of power and status, now an expression of personal style and an understated individual elegance. CAPOLAVORO jewellery creates aesthetic highlights and brings out the fascinating facets of a woman: her aura, elegance, sensuality, her style and her love of life.
The ambitious brand philosophy vouches for masterpieces that retain their value and this means that only the finest diamonds, gems, pearls, gold and platinum are selected. Each piece of jewellery bears the unmistakeably handprint of CAPOLAVORO and displays top quality design, artistry, materials and craftsmanship.

“At CAPOLAVORO we are part of a long-standing artisan heritage based on profound and consummate expertise and time-honoured, reputable merchant traditions as expressed in reliability, consistency and trust. This applies to our dealings with our sales partners, with the exclusive retail sector and with the women who wear our jewellery.”