CAPOLAVORO: your manufacture of jewelry for contemporary casual luxury

A friendly family-owned business on its way into the future! For three decades now, CAPOLAVORO has celebrated its special passion for jewelry, with soulfulness and style, exquisite craftsmanship and modern performance.


The delicate details of each piece of the various collection lines draw their inspiration from the works of the old Italian masters. Their quality stands for the highest German craftsmanship and the luxurious atmosphere touches the soul… - of course, sustainability is also not amiss here and part of the core values. An extraordinary brand identity that was not conceived, but rather grew over time, based on passion, love and the strong will to make dreams come true.

Jewelry made by CAPOLAVORO are easily recognizable: due to their joie de vivre which every piece embodies, their casual elegance and the intriguing “out-of-the-box” creativity. Italian ease mixes with Bavarian vacation feeling and sets every piece apart as inspiring capolavoro (ital. for “masterpiece”).





 Enthusiasm for art and architecture

When Gerhard and his wife Andrea founded the company in Munich in 1991, they had big plans in addition to a burning passion for jewelry and style, paired with an affinity for art and architecture. CAPOLAVORO’s style came into being nurtured also by Gerhard Fritsch's enthusiasm for the masterpieces of the Renaissance, which he had internalized during guest semesters in Florence, and by the memory of the lush baroque church decorations, which he was able to marvel at and feel as a child in Bavaria. Added were the previously gained trade insights, a big portion of courage and of course the unwavering support of his wife, who, to this day remains at his side both privately and professionally. Between the beginnings and today's appearance as an internationally present and renowned jewelry manufacturer, there are more than 30 years of successful development with trend-setting events and stations.


  Move to Inning into the “event manufacture”

A highlight of the company's history was the construction and move to a representative new domicile in Inning at lake Ammersee, a modern "palazzo" with a contemporary energy concept. The perfect location for what is currently Bavaria's only jewelry manufacture, which is happy to open its doors to visitors from all over the world. At first glance, the building appears to be an unadorned cube, with almost imperceptible indentations on the facade that evoke the architectural style of historical Italian palazzos. It was built according to the plans of Gerhard Fritsch himself, who not only realized a building worth seeing, but also an ecological showcase project. It is the first building in Bavaria to be constructed using solid wood technology and, behind its white facade, offers a healthy living atmosphere as a plus-energy wooden houseGuests are not only welcome to visit the CAPOLAVORO boutique-store (by appointment), but can also take a look behind the scenes on a special tour of the production facility. CAPOLAVORO has been producing its own collections for many years - as the only jewelry manufacturer in Bavaria.


  Sustainable and made-to-last

Not only the building follows the principles of sustainability and ecology, the entire company is oriented accordingly. For example, only precious metals from the secondary cycle are used, the second life gold or recycled gold is extracted from old gold and thus does not waste any finite resources. The stones come exclusively from fair, ethically correct sources. In addition, the high quality standards of the jewelry collection make all pieces durable and thus counteract the throwaway mentality.


Invitation to the World of CAPOLABORO

In the elegant Capolavoro boutique store in Inning, you can discover the treasures that define the brand's luxurious image. The flatteringly soft Cielo collection, the cheeky Dolcini, the sparkling Prosecco pieces, the colorful Capriccio line and many more. And of course the current CAPOLAVORO masterpieces of the Billion Dreams Collection (see below) with diamonds dancing like the flakes of a snow globe in a glass bottle. To hold such an extraordinary jewel in your hands is worth the visit to Inning on the beautiful Lake Ammersee alone. An overview of local retailers can be found online with our store locator.