Mauro Bergonzoli x CAPOLAVORO



Mauro, last Christmas Eve you celebrated your 55th birthday. How do you feel?

„I feel good. I feel strong. I feel happy.“

Why do you paint?

„Because I love to paint. I was born to do this. It’s how every day I express what I feel inside. Its’ my way of communicating. My head thinks in images. I speak through my paintings. Art is my language.“

When you aren’t painting, how do you spend your time?

„Actually, I think about what I want to paint. And then I do lots of gardening, I spend time with my family, I enjoy cooking, and I play and listen to music. But anyway, all the time one part of my brain is working on images. And when the image is in focus, I must put it on canvas. Basically if I’m not painting I think about what I want to paint.“

Can you describe your Country Atelier?

„It’s a paradise on earth. It’s my place. It’s 4 seasons, flowers, fruits, plants, animals, water and great space to work outside and inside. I’m surrounded by nature. It’s like living in a natural park. It’s an island. My island on firm ground which attracts my art collectors who come to spend time with me. They want to see where the artist works, where their paintings are born.“

What sets you apart from other artists?

„I love to have a relationship with my collectors. I like to convert their wishes into reality in form of commissions. I know how to paint. I love what is beautiful and positive. I’m independent.“

How do you think the world will change after 2020?

„We shall see.“

What inspires you?

„Women, nature, animals, design, beautiful architecture, the classics, old-timers history, the great masters… everything that is beautiful.“

Why have you chosen to live and work in Bavaria Germany and not your hometown Milan?

„Love has brought me here. My Muse is from Bavaria.“

Where do see yourself in ten years?

„Working in my Country Atelier.“

What is your biggest dream as an artist?


„To be independent. To create my work freely every day and have wonderful collectors all over the world who love to buy, admire and enjoy my art. My dream has already come true.“




Limited Edition Only



 Kreativer und künstlerischer könnte ein Schmuckstück nicht sein. Maestro Mauro Bergonzoli hat ein wahrhaft tragbares Juwelen-Kunstwerk geschaffen. Let me introduce: The Magic Butterfly. Jeder Schmetterling ist ein echtes Unikat. Der Maestro wird das Kunstwerk mit Ihrer Lieblings-Farbsteinvariation zeichnen, danach werden unsere Meistergoldschmiede das Kunstwerk umsetzen und in feinstem Gold von Hand fertigen. Entscheiden Sie selbst, welche Farbsteinkombination dem kostbaren Schmuckstück die pure Lebensfreude verleihen darf. Egal ob als Cocktailring, Statement-Earring oder als Brosche, die sich in einen Anhänger zaubern lässt – the Magic Butterfly flattert in viele Facetten. Das darf bei einem echten Bergonzoli auf keinem Fall fehlen: Jeder Magic Butterfly wird von dem Maestro persönlich liebevoll per Hand signiert.


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